Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Richmond Guide Fall 2008 - Sushi Poe

Initial sketch...

Revised sketch...


This was done for Richmond Guide. I know it sounds terribly dull and it could be but luckily because of it's A.D. Frank Engler and publisher John-Lawrence Smith, it's not. John-Lawrence also publishes Virginia Living magazine which is art directed by Tyler Darden. It's an absolutely beautiful magazine and I've had the the privilege and pleasure to work with Tyler a few times as well. I'll be posting some of the jobs I've done with Tyler in the near future.

Richmond Guide is what it sounds like a small magazine for out of towners to get an idea of where to go and what to see while in RVA. It also has articles about Richmond spread through out each issue. It's usually divided into 6 to 8 categories such as Dining, Galleries, Explore,Events,etc. and the illustrator does an illustration for each. 

The guide comes out on a seasonal basis, Fall, Winter,etc. and the the illo.s reflect this. In the past I've worked with Frank to create characters that would carry through the series to create a narrative of sorts. This time we decided to discard a narrative thur-line and take historical personalities from Virginia's past and put them in a contemporary environment, hopefully creating a gag of some kind in the process. The first one involved Edgar Allen Poe eating sushi at RVA's own Sticky Rice. 

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