Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bottom Feeders Mortgage Meltdown- Forbes

 OK, I'm really going to start maintaining my blog. Yeah, I know, big deal. Does the world need another illustration blog? No. But I'm not going to let that stop me any longer and besides I'll be throwing in things that won't have much to do with illustration, hopefully that will spice things up, we'll see.

This illustration was done for Charles Brucaliere @ Forbes magazine last December. Yes, that's how long it's been since I first thought I was going to start this blog. 

So far it has been my first and only time working with Charles. It turned out to be a very pleasant and painless experience, which from my 25 years or so in this field isn't always the case. Charles called late on a friday afternoon with the job and he needed the finish by lunch the following monday. I have to admit I did initially hesitate but being that I hadn't worked for Forbes in a very long time, I did take the job. Charles made it very easy on me being that he and the editors had already decided on a concept. Now this isn't always the ideal circumstance under which to work but given the time constraints, I was fine with it, that coupled with the concept being a strong one I charged ahead and provided Charles with a sketch first thing Saturday morning which he promptly gave the go ahead on. 

I sent him the finish on time mid-day Monday and everything was good. Would I have liked more time to trick out the illustration with photoshop? Probably. I could have given it more atmosphere with some diffused lighting effects and other visual bells and whistles but there just wasn't the time. Sometimes it's best not to have too much time to fuss over a job.

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