Friday, January 2, 2015

Data and Goliath

This was another fun job done with Bil Cullen of Communication Design Inc. for CFA magazine. Since I felt so strong about the concept for this story, initially I only did one sketch, crossed my fingers and hoped everyone agreed. Luckily for me, they did. It was for an interview with Cyber Security Expert, Bruce Schneier. It deals with what large companies must do to be resilient and deal with protecting their financial data and how to respond to attacks.

Once I got the go ahead I tightened it up and re-sent it for further assesment.

After everyone had a chance to reveiw it and signed off on it I inked it in.

After that it was on to the colors, which maybe the most enjoyable stage. I used Kyle T. Webster's digital brushes, which if you haven't used yet, I can't recommend highly enough. 

Here it is in it's printed (Digital Magazine) form, thanks for taking a look.

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