Monday, August 18, 2014

Who Knew?

It was an unexpected surprise, in a good way, to find myself included by designer, director, advertising-branding guy Jonathan Goldberg from A For Adventure, in this group of local  artist's-designers-illustrators. It was for some work I did for Kathy Harvey, then owner-operator of World of Mirth.

Folks like Ed Vasaio (OK, Ed's a restauranteur and amazing chef with a highly developed sense of aestheistics, a designer of sorts), Bob Gorman, Cabell Harris and David Waraksa. Jon has designated us as "Our Top 5 Richmond Brands (We Had Nothing To Do With)".

I've never considered myself a designer or branding guy and many of my colleagues might agree. That being said I'm honored and flattered Jon thought to include me in this group.

Full disclosure, I did some cover work for  Punchline back in the late 90's early2000's when Jon was the A. D. and Pete Humes was the editor-publisher. They were both great to work with.

Thanks Jon, I still owe you a lunch.

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Tin Salamunic said...

Awesome, congrats!!!!