Monday, June 17, 2013

The Glen Burnie House

This is another job I did with Bruce and Dixie Hornstein of Pyramid Studios. The illustrations are used in an interactive kiosk which presents a story wherein the butler at The Glen Burnie House receives a call relating to the evenings dinner informing him that the Governor and his wife will be arriving in 15 minutes and he has yet to set the table. He then ask's the viewer for their assistance in preparing the table for the evening's dinner. The viewer is then presented with an empty screen that it has all of the plates, bowls, glasses, silverware, etc. placed in the border around it waiting for the items to be dragged and dropped into their proper positions.

The above image is for what is called the attract loop. It's something that plays in a loop when no one is playing the game to draw attention to itself in an attempt to catch a passerby's eye and engage them in the game.

Above is the main comics page.

Some of the items for the drag and drop table setting game.

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