Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Frontier Texas

Another job for Pyramid Studios and Bruce and Dixie. This is a different style than my usual cartoon/comic book approach. I've worked on many jobs through the years with Pyramid. Bruce and Dixie are aware that I'm capable of doing more than the cartoon style, I've done a few other some jobs for them that are a departure from that style. When they asked if I'd be interested in this job for the Frontier of Texas museum and a somewhat more realistic approach, for me anyways, I was glad to do so. I had just finished the Glen Burnie House job with them which was steeped in a very cartoon sensibility, so I was happy to switch it up a bit.

My understanding is that these drawings were to be mounted on the walls of the museum to accompany an exhibition dealing with Texas during prehistoric times and the development of weapons.


Preliminary sketch for the spear,

second working sketch for the spear,

working drawing for the spear,

inked drawing for the spear,

inked drawing with tones.


Preliminary sketches for the Atlatl.

Working drawings,

Inked drawing...

inked drawing with tones.


Preliminary sketch for the archer,

working drawing for the archer,

inked drawing,

inked drawing with tone.

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