Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Keswick Horse Show

These were done around 5 years ago for Tyler Darden when he was still at Virginia Living Magazine. Tyler was always great to work with and as I've stated before I attribute it to him being an illustrator as well as an Art Director.

Tyler thought it might be fun for me to take a journalistic - sketch book approach on this job and attempt to make it look like I drew them on location at the Keswick Horse Show which is just east of Charlottesville, Va. and takes place every May. However I didn not draw them on location. I took my camera and snapped a bunch of photos.

I then selected a few and drew from them directly with a ball point pen so as to preclude me from being able to make corrections in the hopes of giving them a sense of immediacy that you might get from drawing on location.

The ones that are colored were done in photoshop.

What we were trying to do with these was to give the viewer a behind the scenes look at what takes place at a horse in the barns, before the horse and rider make their appearance in  the show ring.

One of my brothers is the course designer and technical adviser for this horse show and this provided me with easy access to anything I needed for this job which I appreciated. Thanks Blake.

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