Friday, March 16, 2012

Is it Summer yet?

This job was for Justin Vaughan of Richmond Magazine for their summer camp supplement. I did a cover for it that was your basic depiction of kids at camp engaging in fun, innocent outdoor activities and playing pranks on each other. It has an intentionally sweet, retro, sensibility.

A few more pages in there's a corresponding illustration for an article titled "Camp Culture; Songs, Ghost Stories and the Great Outdoors." which provided me with some elements that we're a bit more loaded to play with. Being a kid who loved telling and listening to ghost stories whether or not it was around the camp fire, I decided to focus on the ghost detail and luckily for me Justin was OK with it.

Thanks for taking a look.


Robert Ullman said...

Loving that coloring!

popidiot said...

Thanks Rob, I like that you love it.