Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vortex @ The Virginia Historical Society

This was the one story of the four that was more typical in it's approach to the subject of war. While the previous 2 stories dealt more with the social displacement and strategies employed during a conflict, this one deals more directly with the frank brutality of the war itself.

Once again, Lorna Yarberry assisted me with the colors on this story and as usual she did a great job. I was a little concerned as to how she would respond to the panel with the amputated limbs on the front porch. Much to my surprise and relief she wasn't the least bit put off by it. In fact I think she enjoyed
working on that panel the most.

While working on this job it brought to mind a line of comics I read as a kid called Classics Illustrated. They were a line of comics that dealt more with  literary classics and unfortunately because of this they were quite a bit more buttoned down. They had more of an academic stiffness to them and as a kid I was reading comics more for their entertainment value and the inexpensive escape from reality they offered so yeah, I wasn't a big fan of the their line.

                                      Here' the story "Vortex" enjoy;

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