Monday, February 14, 2011

Spies Like Us @ The Virginia Historical Society

Detail 1.

Here's the second of four stories we did in comic book form for the new exhibit, "An American Turning Point, The Civil War In Virginia" at the Virginia Historical Society. It's titled "Spie Like Us"

                                                           Detail 2.

I'm hesitant to put it in the category of the "graphic novel" although that was the terminology used in the initial discussions, because the stories simply are not long enough to qualify as such. I guess "graphic novel" sounds more respectable than "comic book" just as once upon a time "popular music" sounded more legit than "rock and roll". If these stories were a 100 pages or longer, I would not have a problem with that designation but since they're not I'm calling them comics.

                                                          Detail 3.

The individual at The Virginia Historical Society primarily responsible for the stories is Andy Talkov. He was great to work with and he seemed to have more than just a surface familiarity with the graphic novel form or in this case, comic book form which proved to be a big plus.  

                                                            Detail 4.

I also want to mention my assistant on this story, I worked with Noah Hornstein. He is a soon to be graduate from VCU's Communication Design Program. He assisted me with the laying in of the flat colors and a much needed objective eye in some areas of the comic.

                                                             Detail 5.

                             Here is the story in full comic book form;

                                          Thanks for taking a look.

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