Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Meanwhile back at Dr. Hedge Funds...

Here's a larger version of one of the spots from the Dr. Hedge Fund story. Omega Woman is on her way to the rescue of Equilibrium Man and Regulator boy.

Here's Omega Woman just before taking off to rescue the boys. Again being that they were after an obvious and fun sense of kitsch I was more than happy to do my best in giving it to them.

Here are the sketches for Omega Woman's costume change. In the 1st sketch I thought the cropping of her head within the star burst panel would be clever but once I got a bit of distance from it I realized it just looked clumsy and awkward. Also in the second sketch Omega Woman has undergone a slight breast reduction at the request of the client. In my attempt to convey the super hero kitsch of the time period I thought the portrayal of the super herion as a strong well endowed woman seemed perfectly in keeping with the mood. The client, not so much.

Here she is in the process of saving the boys bacon. In the sketches below you can see how much I had to rein in Omega Woman's voluptuousness. I was originally going for a Wally Wood, Mad Magazine type of gal, thinking that would be perfect for what we were doing. But the clients thought, and they were probably right, that this could be seen as being offensive to some. So we made her look a little more modern and athletic, sports bra and all.


Tin Salamunic said...

Great series of pieces Kelly! I see you're having a blast with the half tone filter. :)
While I love the 'oldies comic look' it adds to your style, the digitized nature of the halftone texture is somewhat overpowering the drawing. IIt's especially the case in the spot where the super hero girl is punching the guy.

The drawings are strong, as always, but I'm digging your standart coloring/rendering method much more as it does not scream "filter" so much.

I love your colors! Your color palette is very unique and I especially love what I'm seeing in the previous post with the "graph arrow"

Always great to see your updates buddy and good to see you're keeping busy.

let's catch up sometime.


popidiot said...

Hi Tin,

Thanks for taking the time to make some comments. Yeah, the halftone effect seemed appropriate for this job, I hadn't really worked with it to this degree before and I may have consequently gone a little overboard. While I see what you mean in regards to my potential over-use of it in these illo.s, I was striving for a deliberately campy sensibility. Along the lines of the Adam West, Burt Ward Batman TV show or a Roy Lichenstein feel as much as an old comic book. In the spot you site I was specifically going for the effect from the Batman show where when someone was punched an exaggerated graphic sound effect would appear on screen. As a kid, and yes I was a kid when the show originally aired, I always loved that. Now whether or not it did so successfully will be up to each individual viewer to decide. I really had a blast with that job, I felt like I was being paid to goof off, it's great when jobs like that come along. I sincerely appreciate the input and feed back Tin. As I'm sure you know it's hard to maintain an objective point of view of one's own work so it's always great to get an outside perspective.

I'd love to get together for a coffee sometime, let me know when it's a good time for you.

Thanks -- Kelly