Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Internet Super Villans

These character designs were done for what was going to be a very fun job for SmithGifford, an advertising and branding shop out of Falls Church Va.  The client was Apptix a company that offers internet services.  The A.D. on this job was Kevin Richards, when he called me for this job he said he needed some designs somewhat in the Marvel Comics style of  super villains that would represent different problems we all deal with every day on the internet, in this case spam and virus's. He wanted to develop two of the characters to show the client in conjunction with the rest of the campaign. We did, the client liked it but they did end up changing them from villains to heroes, probably a good idea. Unfortunately by the time SmithGifford was given the go ahead on the campaign I was knee deep in what turned into a 3 month long assignment for another client so I had to sadly decline the job. It would have been a gas, maybe next time.


KEVIN said...

Hey Kelly — It was sad not to be able to give this job to you considering the work that you put in on the front end. Also, I think it was a "safe" move to go with superheros vs. the initial concept of supervillians... But you know it would have been way cooler to develop the villians ... Evil is always more interesting than good ;)

Cheers — Kevin

popidiot said...

Kevin, yeah villains are always fun but I can see how from a clients point of view perhaps something a bit more positive might be the way to go.

Even though I was unable to do the final job I had a lot of fun playing with the initial concept.