Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Comic work with M.w. Kaluta...

Since I haven't posted any work in way too long and the post that I made just prior to this one could be perceived as maybe a little less than positive, depending on your political perspective, I thought it might be fun to revisit some work I did some 25 years ago or so. This is my only mainstream comic book work done with the generous support  and recommendation of Michael Kaluta. I had been a huge fan of Michael's work long before this opportunity came along. During the early to mid-seventies Michael's work along with Bernie Wrightson and  Barry Smith started to appear in mainstream comics. Being young and not knowing how or why the industry worked the way it did, when I discovered their work, it was like a creative breath of fresh air. It was unlike anything else being done at that time that I was aware of.

Many years later while attending art school at VCU I was lucky to meet Michael through a mutual friend, Phil Trumbo, and become a friend of Michael's in the process. This lead to me getting a job on Michael's recommendation being his assistant on an early MTV music video for the band "The Allan Parsons Project". I'm not sure that anyone of us who worked on that video think back on it as a high water mark in our careers but for a young kid just out of art school working side by side with one of his idols, it was an incredible experience. I'm not sure how long after that job finished Michael offered me the opportunity to work with him again as his inker for this Superman comic, maybe a year or so, but needless to say I jumped at the chance. Did my inks do his pencils justice? No. But I still look back on it fondly as the exciting experience that it was.

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