Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Virginia Living Magazine

This I believe is the first job I had the pleasure of working on with Tyler Darden at Virginia Living magazine. It was initially meant to be a spot but luckily for me Tyler was happy enough with the end results that he ran it as a 3/4 page. Which I probably don't need to tell you but it always makes an illustrator happy when you print their image bigger then they expected.

I've been lucky enough to work with Tyler on a number of jobs since and everyone has been a great experience. This is probably due somewhat to the fact that Tyler is an illustrator and painter himself and none too shabby I might add. I think this obviously gives him some insight and empathy into the process of creating an image and he works accordingly with his illustrators.

This is not to say that if an AD isn't an illustrator or painter that it somehow lessens the experience but in Tyler's case he may be more sensitive to the process than your average bear.

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