Friday, April 27, 2012

Fund Raiser for Kerry Talbot

Patrick Godfrey owner of Velocity Comics has put together a fund raiser for local artist, illustrator and cartoonist extraordinaire Kerry Talbot.

The Christmas before last Kerry was diagnosed with a brain tumor, He's doing much better now after some serious medical procedures but being that he's a freelancer and an adjunct faculty at VCU's school of the Arts he's not exactly rolling in it. He's now looking at some very big medical bills. For more in-depth information please read this.

One of the ways Pat thought of to raise money was to get a bunch of comic books from Marvel with covers made of wrap around illustration board adorned with only the interior comics title and then he passed them out to local artists to do their take on the characters and then auction them off.

I selected the Hulk.

As a kid I always loved Jack Kirby's work and this was a perfect opportunity for me to channel my long simmering inner Kirby and hopefully help Pat raise some $ for Kerry in the process.

Along with many RVA illustrators, cartoonist, photographers and fine artists I've also donated a painting and a handful of prints. If you're interested in supporting local artists and potentially getting a great deal in the process this is the event to attend.

It'll take place Monday evening 7:00 at Ghost Print Gallery, 220 W. Broad St.

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