Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Dysfunctional Holidays!

I received a call from Pete Hausler of The Wall Street Journal end of the day last Thursday, he needed 5 color spot illo.s by lunch the following Tuesday. The article was dealing with typical dysfuntional family situations that repeat themselves every holiday season. He wanted to know if I was interested? The short answer was Yes. He wanted the sketches done and approved by end of day Friday. Being that the turn around time was so short I submitted one sketch per situation, 4 of which were approved by the days end. The 5th sketch was approved Monday morning which gave me the weekend to work on the approved spots. Pete had seen a job I had done for Tyler Darden when he was at Virginia Living Magazine at my online portfolio and wanted these handled in a similar fashion.

Virginia Living

He thought the more graphic, chunky approach to the color would be a good fit for this article.

The 5 typical situations were, in no particular order;

Your son comes home from his first semester at college looking like an alien exhibiting a new and surprising fashion sense.

Mom and Dad fighting over the correct way to cook the gravy and pretty much everything else.

The Aunt who doesn't realize when she's had one glass of wine too many.

The negotiation of which set of parents you'll be spending the special day with.

And the calm and civil discussions that will take place between you r siblings as to who will get what heirlooms once the folks have left this mortal coil.

                                     Happy Holidays Everyone.

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